Twelve cents of anonymous alcohol

  • Our common ingredients must be at the forefront, personal recovery depends on the unity of anonymous alcoholics.

  • For the purpose of our group there is only one final reference – a God of kindness, as he expresses himself in the conscience of our group. Our leaders are obedient to our trusted servants, they do not rule.

  • The only prerequisite for joining anonymous alcoholics is the tendency to quit drinking alcohol.

  • Every group should be self-governing unless it affects other anonymous groups and spirits in general.

  • Each group has only one main purpose – to deliver its message to the alcoholics who are still suffering.

  • An anonymous alcoholic beverage group should never sponsor, affiliate, or any other affiliate organization, or allow them to use anonymous alcoholic beverages, lest our financial, property and reputation issues be our primary goal. Pervert.

  • Every anonymous group of alcoholics should be completely self-sufficient and receive no outside help.

  • Anonymous drinks should remain unprofessional forever, but our service centers can hire special staff.

  • Anonymous alcohols, as they are, should never be organized, but we can form service committees or committees that are directly accountable to those who serve them.

  • Anonymous Alcohol has no opinion on foreign matters and the name of Alcoholics should never be publicized

  • Our PR policy is based on the principle of attraction, not advertising, we must always maintain our personal anonymity at the press, radio and film levels.

  • Anonymity is the spiritual basis of all our traditions, always reminding us to prefer principles to personalities.


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