Twelve steps of anonymous alcohol


  • We accepted that we had no power over alcohol – that our lives were unmanageable.
  • We came to believe that a power beyond ourselves is capable of restoring our mental health.
  • We decided to devote our will and life to the care of the Lord as we understood him.We got an impassioned, ethical looking balance sheet.
  • We accepted the exact nature of our mistakes before God, ourselves, and another human being.
  • We were fully prepared for God to remove all our personality defects.
  • We humbly asked him to fix our shortcomings.
  • We made a list of all those who were harmed, and we were willing to compensate them all.
  • Wherever possible, we could directly compensate these people, unless doing so would harm them or others.
  • We kept getting our personal balance sheet and quickly accepted it whenever we were wrong.
  • Through prayer and meditation, we seek to improve our conscious relationship with God as we understand Him, only praying for awareness of His will for us and His power to do so.
  • With the spiritual awakening of these steps, we tried to spread the message to the alcoholic and practice these principles in all aspects of our lives.




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