How it works

We have rarely seen anyone take our path seriously and fail to reach those who do not recover.

There are those who do not want or cannot give up completely on this simple program, usually they are men and women who cannot be honest with themselves, unfortunately there are such people, they are not to blame and they seem to be born that way, they cannot naturally Follow a bio-path that requires complete honesty and is less likely to succeed; there are also people who suffer from severe psychological distress but many of whom are able to recover, provided they have the ability to be honest. Be.

Our stories generally tell how we lived in the past, what happened to us, and how we live now, just as you seek our way and strive for no effort at all, then you are ready to take specific steps.We went through some of these steps and thought we could find an easier way, but we couldn’t ask you to be completely impertinent from the beginning, some of us tried to stick to our old ideas but to no avail. We have completely surrendered.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with alcohol that is cunning, startling and powerful, it is very difficult to overcome it without help, but there is a reference that all powers are in his hands and that he is the Lord, who now finds him We didn’t get any shortcuts, we reached a crossroads, we gave ourselves up completely, and we demanded support, these are the steps we take and are being offered as a recovery plan: We accepted that we couldn’t afford alcohol and that we had the freedom to live. Our hands were out.

* We accepted that we could not afford alcohol and that our life was out of our control.

* We believed that a supreme power can restore our mental health.

* We decided to leave our will and life to a God we understood.

* We prepared an unbiased and meticulous moral balance sheet.

* We confessed to God, ourselves and another human being how accurate our mistakes were.

* We are fully prepared for the Lord to remove all our moral imperfections.

* We humbly asked him to remove our moral shortcomings.

* We have compiled a list of all those we have harmed and are seeking compensation.

*  Directly compensate the above persons wherever possible, unless they cause further harm to them or others.

* We continued to prepare our personal balance sheets and immediately acknowledged them for failure.

* Through prayer and meditation, we sought to draw closer to the Lord we understood, and only sought to realize His will for Himself and His power of execution.

* With spiritual awakening as we took these steps, we tried to spread the message to the alcoholic and apply these principles in all aspects of our lives.

Many of us shouted in wonder:
What a program this is, I can’t do it. Don’t be disappointed! None of us could adhere to these principles completely, we are not saints, the point is to seek spiritual growth, we claim spiritual progress, not evolution.

Our description of alcoholism, our chapter on unbelievers, and our personal adventures in the past and present, clearly outlines these three general considerations:

A. We were alcoholics and could not control our lives.

B. That probably no human force has been able to save us from alcoholism.

C. And he is the Lord who can be found if we seek him.


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