Anonymous Alcoholics

The story is of thousands of men and women who have recovered from alcoholism


Books available in print magazine in Iran and International Services Bureau:

* The Basic Alcoholics Book

                                       *The Book of Twelve Steps and Twelve Cents of Unknown Alcohol

*The Book of Living Awake

   *The book from Bill's perspective

Sixteen districts of anonymous Iranian alcoholics

And Mangarere Public Relations numbers in these areas

Anonymous Structure of Alcohol Services

From the level of World Service Trustees

Detroit 2020 World Alcoholics Anonymous Conference

Final Report (PDF in original language) The 25th World Summit on Anonymous Alcohol Services

Durban-South Africa

From our beloved country Our friends Masoud and Ali as international liaisons of Iran's Anonymous Alcohol Council attended the conference

Pages 47-67-74 and 77 of this report concern the Council of Alcoholics of Iran

Durban-South Africa Global Services Final Report

Alcoholics are not interconnected with others,

They take others hostage

Mashhad District Conference

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Lasker Prize

Lasker Prize

Lasker Prize In 1951 the Lasker Prize was awarded to the anonymous alcohol community, a summary of the contents of the aforementioned memoir below. "The American Society of Health hereby honors the Lasker's 1951 prize for anonymous alcoholics. This award honors you for your unique and successful approach to dealing with an old public and …
Medical Theory

Medical Theory

After Dr. Silk Worth's first approval of anonymous alcoholics, medical societies and doctors around the world also approved of us. The comments below were voiced by physicians attending the annual congress of the New York Medical Society. The congress, which was convened in 1944, provided an audience with an anonymous report on alcohol. Dr. Foster …
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